To make the most out of your professional photo shoot, it is important to prepare your home using these tips.


Digital photo camera in studio with softbox and flashes. 3d


  • Turn on all lights in the house and replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  • Open all curtains and blinds.
  • Clean windows.
  • Vacuum, clean, and mop all floors.
  • De-clutter all workspaces, shelves, tables, floors etc.
  • Remove or tidy all toys.
  • Hide pet bowls.
  • Hide remotes, magazines, newspapers etc. from living areas.
  • Hide all power cables from view.
  • Remove personal photos and items.
  • Arrange furniture to make rooms look as open and spacious as possible.
  • Tidy and arrange all pillows, throws, etc. and make all beds.


  • Clean all kitchen counters and appliances.
  • Remove magnets, photos, etc. from the fridge.
  • Remove tea towels from view.
    Remove or hide garbage cans, recycling bins etc.
  • Remove dishes etc. from kitchen sink.
  • Remove appliances and clutter from kitchen counters.
  • Add a bowl with fresh fruits, or a vase of fresh flowers.


  • Clear bathroom counters and surfaces.
  • Close all toilet seats.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Remove any out of place linens etc.


  • Clear away clothes, shoes, and laundry baskets.
  • Remove books, tissue boxes and jewelry from bedside tables.
  • Remove portable fans and heaters.
  • Make your bed with your best linens and firmest pillows.


  • Remove all cars from the driveway.
  • Hide garbage bins, garden hoses and other lawn equipment / gardening tools.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Trim any overgrown shrubs and hedges.
  • Tidy garden beds, removing excessive weed growth etc.
  • Remove any yard toys or clutter.
  • Tidy and arrange any outdoor furniture etc.
  • Uncover and clean pools and hot tubs and hide related equipment and toys.
  • Clear and clean all pathways, decks, and patios.

What To Expect The Day Of The Photo Shoot

The photographer will shoot your property as is at the scheduled photo shoot. Please ensure that the house is prepared for photography prior to the arrival of the photographer. Please pay special attention to day to day items that may have been left out. If you have pets please make sure that someone is home to manage them or that they are securely kept in an area separate from the photographer / photo shoot. Most photo shoots will be completed in one hour or less. If you have any specific photo requests for the photographer please let them know at the beginning of the photo shoot so that they can be sure to include them.